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Piano Lessons in Toronto

Music Lessons in Toronto

We offer Music Programs for students with different levels

We have the perfect music program for you. Each program is specially customized for each one of our students.
At Toronto Midtown Piano Studio, music lessons are more than just that. We provide a new musical experience that will help you play from day one and achieve your goals in no-time.
Our lessons are structured to adapt to our students’ needs. To achieve the best results, our founder and music educator Elizabeth, designed Music Programs for students of all ages, starting at age 3. For different expertise levels, from beginners to advanced. And for multiple music styles and genres, to guarantee that each student evolves to their full potential. Our Piano lessons run in blocks of 4 sessions, which run monthly. 
 We are aware music is one of the best ways to build connections and develop interpersonal skills. When a family enrols with 2 or more siblings we grant a 5% reduction on the monthly payment. This reduction can be applied in case mom or dad want to enrol too. 
We highly recommend our families to enrol siblings together. Piano lessons nourish strong relationships and leave a dear memory for you and your children to hold for life. 
All our music programs are available for online or in-person sessions. Choose your piano program and start your journey to the world of music today!