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Music education is disappearing from the general education curriculum. The main reason is the competition with academic subjects. Parents assume that artistic activities don’t have any impact on the learning abilities of their children. As a result, the opportunity to learn an instrument is seen as a luxury rather than a necessary part of education.
The reality is, in fact, quite different. To deliver credible results with scientific proof, experts initiated a long-term study on the possible effects of music education on cognitive skills that support academic achievement.
Researchers conducted the study with 147 children across multiple schools. After 2.5 years, the children’s’ academic performance was evaluated collectively.
Children who received music lessons showed major development and improvement in:
  • language-based reasoning
  • planning and strategic skills
  • organizing and completing tasks
  • concentration skills
  • processing and understanding of all academic subjects
This proved that the cognitive skills developed during music lessons influence cognitive abilities in completely unrelated subjects, leading to superior academic performance in every phase of their scholarly development.
In conclusion, the study determined that music can be a solution to stop and prevent learning deficits. It also determined that regular music education delivers multiple, reinforcing, and cumulative impacts that help prepare young people to learn, achieve and succeed. 
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