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Royal Conservatory Music

Preparation for the RCM Examination Boards

Royal Conservatory Piano Program


The Royal Conservatory is one of the most important music education institutions in the world.

For more than 130 years, this institution has translated the latest thinking about creativity into inspiring music programs.

At Midtown Toronto Piano Studio we share this vision and we encourage students to pursue this academic goal

Students can register for the RCM Board Examinations and receive a certification on each completed level.

Our lessons are more than just piano lessons. We create a musical experience.


Students receive piano lessons and work on music theory following the Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum.

Beginners are required to complete Levels 1 - 3 of the Regular Program before enrolment. Intermediate and advanced students are accepted for enrolment in the program.

Lesson activities

  • Piano Technique and Interpretation
  • Ear Training and Four Stars
  • Sight-Reading and Note Reading
  • Music Theory Concepts
  • Etudes and Repertoire
  • Duration

    The program consists of 10 levels. Each level is completed in a 12-month term.

    Students can register for examinations at the RCM Exam Center to receive certification - optional

    A daily practice routine at home is needed to complement the piano lessons and develop music skills at the right pace.

    Midtown Toronto Piano Studio accepts students year-round.

    RCM Piano Program Fees

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    RCM Piano 30

    $ 170 /Month
    • 30 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lesson
    • Piano lessons for students at Level 1-3

    RCM Piano 45

    $ 255 /Month
    • 45 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Piano lessons for students at Level 4-6

    RCM Piano 60

    $ 340 /Month
    • 60 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Piano lessons for students at Level 7-10
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