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Midtown Toronto Music Studio

Regular Piano Program

Piano lessons for students 8 to 17 years old

The Music Program that grows with you

About the Program

This program is designed to well-rounded musicians. Our innovative approach guides our students through the exciting journey of learning music.

The Regular program is inspired on the most successful music education methods.The program adapts to the students' age and musical preference.

The program welcomes kids and teenagers and empowers them with the knowledge they need to develop their natural talent.

What to expect?

Our Regular Program is designed for students from ages 7 to 18. The lessons are conducted privately and customized to the students' needs and goals.

Method Books are assigned to each student according to their music preference and skill level.

Lesson activities:

  • Note Reading exercises
  • Piano Technique and Interpretation
  • Ear Training
  • Note-Reading preparation
  • Music Theory Concepts
  • Program Timeline

    It consists of 9 levels. Each level is completed in a 10-month term.

    Beginners - Level 1 - 3: Students learn to identify notes at the piano and read music

    Intermediate - Level 4 - 6: Students start working on their piano technique and play intermediate pieces at the piano

    Advanced - Level 7 - 9: Students learn about music interpretation and prepare to participate in competitions.

    Midtown Toronto Piano Studio accept students year-round. Contact us to check on availability.

    Regular Piano Program Fees

    We accept all major credit/ debit cards and PayPal. Interac can be sent to [email protected]
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    Regular Piano 30

    $ 150 /Month
    • 30 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Ideal for beginners / Levels 1 - 3

    Regular Piano 45

    $ 225 /Month
    • 45 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Ideal for intermediate students / Levels 4 to 6

    Regular Piano 60

    $ 300 /Month
    • 60 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Ideal for advanced students / Levels 7-10
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