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Jazz Piano program

Piano lessons designed to give you the freedom of Jazz at your fingertips

Music Program created for Jazz lovers


Midtown Toronto Piano Studio offers a complete music education experience. Our mission is to help our students access the best and most updated music knowledge.

For this reason, we have designed the Jazz program, for all the Jazz lovers out there!

Our program adapts to our student's needs and their goals while teaching them the basics of jazz.

If learning how to improvise and feel ‘free’ while playing the piano is your dream, this is the perfect program for you.

Our lessons are more than just piano lessons. It is a musical experience.


Jazz is about transforming something familiar into something new and personal. Jazz is one of the greatest modern art forms, and many people consider it "America's classical music.”

Learning to play jazz at the piano consists on learning chord progressions, pentatonic scales and rhythmic patterns that help players reach a level of mastery in improvisation and get the ‘feel’ we all know and love in jazz music.

The beauty of this music style is that it can be combined with elements from pop, rock, classical music and more.

Lesson activities:

  • Piano Technique and Exercises
  • Repertoire from Jazz and popular selections
  • Rhythm and Polyrhythmic Dynamics
  • Chord and Note Reading Training
  • Music Theory Concepts
  • Duration

    This program is for students from ages 12 and up with no age limit. Consists of 5 levels Each level is completed in a 10-month term.

    Beginner - Level 1: Students learn to synchronize hand movement and piano technique

    Intermediate - Level 2 - 3: Students learn the basics of improvisation and harmonization.

    Advanced - Level 4 - 5: Students learn to create songs of their own and improvise with elements of different music styles.

    Midtown Toronto Piano Studio works year-round. We accept students at any time of the year.

    Jazz Piano Program Fees

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    Jazz Piano 30

    $ 170 /Month
    • 30 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Piano lessons for beginners

    Jazz Piano 45

    $ 255 /Month
    • 45 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Piano lessons for intermediate students

    Jazz Piano 60

    $ 340 /Month
    • 60 minute lessons
    • 4 times per month
    • Private lessons
    • Piano lessons for advanced students
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