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Gift cards for piano lessons

A music gift that doesn't have a price

Today, gift cards no longer carry the stigma of careless gift giving. On the contrary, they’re becoming an exciting surprise for gifters and recipients when they realize the benefits that gift cards have to offer.
At Midtown Toronto Piano Studio we offer Gift Cards to compliment your buying list. 
Learning music is a unique experience that allows you to develop unique skills. Now we want to share with you the perks of buying our Gift Cards.

Advantage #1: Our Gift cards are not going to be wasted

You are giving a valuable gift. Music has the characteristic of being invaluable. Piano Lessons may have a price tag, but the experience and the memories you keep stay with you forever.  

Advantage #2: They’re great for online shopping

Every year, more and more people do their personal shopping online. Gift cards are the perfect gift for on-the-go buyers who know what they want to gift and how much their recipients will enjoy the gift.

Advantage #3: You won’t overspend

It can be easy to lose track of your budget, especially if you have multiple people you wish to give a gift to. The advantage of purchasing gift cards is that they can be bought for a fixed price. There is no temptation to overspend. 

Advantage #4: Everybody wants one

While some people are unwilling to admit it, a recent survey by the National Retail Federation showed that close to 60% of respondents would rather have gift cards than other presents.
Instead of guessing what the people on your list want this year, they’ll get something you know they’ll value!
Advantage #5: They support local businesses like us
Gift cards are a great way to connect and form a community with our students and parents. Buying a gift card benefits our Studio. At the same time, we offer our loyal customers the flexibility to buy something they love. Now, that’s what we like to call a triple win.
What makes our Gift Cards Exciting?
Besides all the perks of learning an instrument, our gift cards give you the following advantages.
  • You can buy 4 or 10 piano lessons. Each lesson 30 minutes long.
  • Our gift cards are redeemable up to 3 months after the initial purchase date.
  • Music Materials Included. Your recipient won’t need to buy any music books for the time thwy attend their piano lessons. 
  • Our Gift Cards are Available year-round. You can buy them for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas and more.
  • They are perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Don’t wait any longer. Gift the joy of music today!
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