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Piano lessons for kids in Toronto​

Lu and Adri show their piano skills

Online Piano lessons for kids worldwide

Midtown Toronto Piano Studio is an international music school that creates a new music experience for all the students that cross our path. We help our students not only learn about the piano, and the beauty of the music but also we strive to leave memories that will stay with them all their lives. In order to achieve this, we have included a brand-new structure program in our curriculum: Online Piano Lessons Worldwide.

Our Studio is based in Toronto, Canada but thanks to recent advancements in audio and video technology, we are able to teach students locally and anywhere in the world as well! Due to the global health crisis situation with COVID-19, we have extended our services online to help students cope with the stress and find a positive outlet for creativity.

Online Piano Lessons for kids with Midtown Toronto Piano Studio
Lu and Adri during their Online Piano Lesson at Midtown Toronto Piano Studio

Music education via Zoom

The lessons are conducted individually by our founder and master educator Elizabeth, and the music program online can be taken in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

We are aware that the concept of online lessons could be something new and unfamiliar, we could say that it may be intimidating to think about how the lessons work or if it is a good investment in you or your children, but today we want to clear all these concerns, not only with a descriptive depiction of the structure of our lessons but showing you a success story of our own with our talented students: Lu, Adri, and Elisabet from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

They started their piano lessons in September 2020 and were excited to learn more about music and how to play the piano, Lu and Adri are brother and sister, and after a couple of weeks their mom, Elisabet decided to join the fun motivated by watching her children learn with so much enthusiasm. They are a really talented family that takes pride in their love for the arts and in the search of new ways to engage their children in a cultural environment they decided to start their musical journey with us! Lu enjoys to play all her songs by heart, and is even starting to compose songs of her own, Adri enjoys playing the songs from My First Piano Adventure and Elisabet is already playing songs with intermediate rhythm difficulty and with hands together. The lessons are conducted in English and Spanish.

Watch them play in this clip, and see how our online piano lessons bring results and joy to children and adults.