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Our founder participates at online Berklee event

Elizabeth Haidaichuk participates at Berklee city of music 2020 Summit

This year has proven to be a challenging year. 2020 will go to history books as a year of big changes. The health crisis that affected the world has had a big impact on how we communicate. It has had an even bigger impact on our professional development. Nevertheless, as humanity, we have proven to be resilient and have thrived despite the obstacles.
At Midtown Toronto Piano Studio, we are happy to inform you that this year is ending on a positive note. We have successfully transitioned all of our music education programs to online teaching. While we wait for the moment to return and start teaching individually to our students, from 2020 and moving forward, our studio will keep a hybrid system of online education and in-person lessons for all of our students in Toronto and worldwide.
At the same time, our founder and master educator started to fully implement groundbreaking music education pedagogies for all the music programs. After attending Berklee City Music Summit 2020, an annual event that brings together educators and administrators, and features:
  • Informative panel discussions
  • Masterclasses for youth music ensembles
  • Opportunities to learn new techniques from professionals
  • Performance opportunities and more.
This unique occasion arrived at the perfect moment, as Elizabeth is always looking for new opportunities to learn and develop new ways to help our students succeed. Berklee is a well known and established University with a big record of successful students and faculty. Their teaching methods are proudly unique and involve not only learning by repetition and memorization.  Their approach also involves movement, meditation and keen attention to detail in mental health.  
On the 3 day Summit, Elizabeth experienced first hand the “Berklee life” attending seminars about Wellness, Social Media and Content Creation for Educators and Online and Hybrid Learning Models, which have enriched our practices in our studio as well as a new perspective on how music education can be delivered. 
Founder of Midtown Toronto Piano Studio participates at ELIZABETH, AT BERKLEE CITY OF MUSIC 2020 SUMMIT.