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Kyle demonstrates his solid piano skills

Online piano teaching: a challenge that we conquered successfully

Online music education is a new experience for our students as a result of the current health crisis, so many of our students are working on their piano skills and musicianship from home. The online students have only met the studio and our teacher, Elizabeth, through the screen of their electronic devices, but we have made it work. Music has the quality of bringing out the best of ourselves and bringing happiness to our lives, and our students are proof that this statement is true.

A great example of how our studio works online is Kyle, who is 7 years old and he lives in Toronto, Canada. He started his piano lessons with us in September 2020, and he is fond of spending his time learning how to play, working on his rhythmic and sight-reading skills, and has shown interest and commitment to learning every day more and more.

One of the most important goals for us as a piano and music studio is to motivate and engage students of all ages into the magic world of music. Also, we strive to build a strong musical base for our students so they can play the piano at any time. And we deliver, as is the case with Kyle: because the results talk for themselves. It is a joy for us to teach, to be able to give the results and connect with our students even in the middle of a pandemic and teaching virtually. However, we look forward to our future together and eventually to meet personally.

We would love to share with you a short video of how we work with Kyle in our online lessons. Please be aware of how we have been able to build a full concentration status and engagement allows him to show a positive response to every activity in our online lessons. In this particular moment of our piano lesson, we were working on “The Dance Band” from Faber Piano Adventures – Primer Level.