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Omar shows his solid piano progress

Hard work pays off: Omar shows his dedication to music

There’s nothing more heartwarming than hearing your kids playing at the piano. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether your child is just curious or if it’s time to start investing in piano lessons!

Parents and kids may shy away from beginning piano lessons because of the concern it may not be a good fit. But at Midtown Toronto Piano Studio, we make it our task to engage with our students and make them feel comfortable while learning how to play the piano.

Today we want to introduce you to Omar, who is living proof that our methodology and approach give positive results. His success with the piano is the direct result of a well-planned music program and supportive parents.

Omar started his musical journey in October 2020. He has a fun and clever character. After 8 months of lessons, Omar has learned to move his fingers properly, memorized the location of the piano keys, learned all the songs from his method book and can tap simple rhythms with the auxiliary instruments – tambourines, maracas.

He is a joy to teach and, he receives Elizabeth with a smile and a funny story about his weekend or his beloved dog in every lesson.

We can stress enough how much we enjoy having him in our Studio. And we are pleased with his development and, we are sure a bright future awaits for him. In addition to playing the piano, Omar enjoys being a Youtuber and share his experiences while growing up.

Watch him play the piano and enjoy his lessons! We are very proud of you, Omar! Keep it up!