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Midtown Toronto Piano Studio opened its doors in 2019. We teach piano lessons in Toronto for kids, teenagers, and adults. Above all, our goal is to guide our students to reach their fullest potential in music. Therefore, we provide a new musical experience. We combine different teaching methods to help our students understand and enjoy music.
Our MUSIC PROGRAMS are unique and tailored to enhance the talents and strengths of our students. From classical music to jazz and improvisation, we have the perfect music program for every musical taste. Lessons start at ages three and up.
Our lessons are more than piano lessons. It is a new musical experience.

Our founder and director

Elizabeth started to play the piano at age 4. She continued her music studies at the National Conservatory of Music in her hometown. At 17, she graduated from High School in Arts and Music.


Subsequently, she continued her education at the National Academy of Music A.V. Nezhdanova in Ukraine. She joined the class of award-winning pianist, George Kozhukhar. In addition, from 2014 to 2016, she taught piano at the School for Gifted Children O. Stoliarsky.
In 2016, Elizabeth received her Master’s Degree in Music and Education. With Diplomas in Performance, Music Education, Chamber Music Specialist, and Piano Accompanist for her outstanding performance and artistry. Likewise, in 2015, she received a Bachelor of Music Degree from the same institution.
Elizabeth Haidaichuk during her performance as a piano accompanist
Elizabeth performs as a piano accompanist for competitions and recitals
Elizabeth Haidaichuk, the founder of Midtown Toronto Piano Studio
Elizabeth Haidaichuk, Founder of Midtown Toronto Piano Studio

Pianist and Music Educator

As Piano Teacher, Elizabeth has taught student of all ages and enjoys guiding and encouraging them to become the best musicians they can be.
Her passion for teaching has led her to found two independent piano studios:
Firstly, Emil Gilels Piano Studio in Guayaquil, Ecuador from 2016 to 2019. And subsequently, Midtown Toronto Piano Studio in Toronto, Canada from September 2019 to the present.
At the Studios, she has created, developed and implemented music programs that form well-rounded musicians. Her goal is to transform music education by making it accessible and easy to understand for all levels.
On the other hand, Elizabeth also performs as an independent artist and has played at the most important theatres and venues in Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

Professional Career in Canada

Elizabeth lives and works in Toronto since 2019. She is an active member of the music community. She has been the recipient of many awards for her demonstrated artistry.
She is an Active Member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA) and works with underprivileged children in East Toronto teaching music and piano.
Additionally, to keep her knowledge up to date, Elizabeth attends summits and seminars like Berklee City of Music Summit.
In 2021, Elizabeth was the recipient of the Community Award at the Toronto Summer Festival (TSM) and performed at the festival.
Elizabeth Haidaichuk - the founder of the Midtown Toronto Piano Studio
Elizabeth performs at solo recital in USA